February 8, 2019
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Cloud computing few years ago was concept that was utilised by few companies as the designing of cloud and rising cloud based solutions was a complex and costly process. Medium and small business houses thought it to be out of reach thing. With the advancement in technologies cloud solutions are now accessible and economical to some extent so this days most companies use its benefits. Year 2019 will utilising for marketing purposes.

Digital marketing is one the area which is utilising cloud for its evolution and growth. Main reason for the growth of digital marketing is the contribution of cloud and it has helped and shaped field of digital marketing in numerous ways. Most companies these days started using cloud due to its better support, stability, easy access and it provides them peace of mind which helps them to target their customers in more effective way.

Benefits of Using Cloud

  1. Easy Access — Easy access of cloud anywhere and anytime make sit too popular among marketers. Easy availability of cloud has given marketers and business houses new directions as they an effective, dependable data centres. Now the companies are able to target their customers and interact with them in an effective manner. With the help of cloud data is available that too dependable and can be easily transported to where it is required that too without losing time.
  2. Automation of Marketing Services — Automation of marketing services with the help of cloud helps marketers to design and place their ads in the various platforms effectively and in time. Marketing automation refers to software and technologies which are particular designed as per the requirement of marketing department. Market automation helps organisation and business houses to market their products, services more efficiently as various channels online like email social media, website, etc. It also helps company to do repetition of their marketing tasks more conveniently and at right time. So market automation provided by cloud provides marketer a platform to plan, coordinate, manage and evaluate their marketing campaigns both online and offline.
  3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Technology based on Cloud —CRM is a very powerful tool that helps a business houses to plan a holistic/comprehensive strategy by putting marketing, sales and customer satisfaction on single platform. Cloud technology takes CRM to new heights by giving employees some free time from their computer and server work as CRM data can be comfortably stored in cloud and can be accessed anywhere and anytime. When used in a proper manner CRM based on cloud gives sales team big benefits as it gives them quick and quite accurate picture of what customer is doing and what are their preferences? With such superb technology a sales team’s efficiency and productivity increases because now they have up-to-date relevant information and the ability to contact the customers. We should really thank cloud for it give organisation a software package that integrates SFA (sales force automation) and CRM into a single more convenient to use, a cost effective solutions.
  4. Facility of Data Analytics — Cloud computing has gifted the marketers with massive resources which they can use it the way they like. One of the area where this resources are used increasingly is data analytics field. Today cloud based server technologies and softwares are used to analyse data coming from different digital medias. This information that is deducted on this data is used to make an execute strategies that is benefiting business houses/companies a lot.
  5. Cloud gives Multichannel Support to Marketing –— Cloud is changing the ways marketers design and execute their campaigns of marketing. Now a days as the cloud is accessible so companies can execute their ad campaigns on mobiles, various social Medias and on other digital platform. This increased field is extremely beneficial to the company as now they can have good interaction with their customers on TV, mobile phone, tablets, laptops and various devices connected to the internet.

One thing we can say about cloud that it will continue to grow as more people and small medium business groups put their faith in the cloud computing. Forward growth of the cloud will spread in all the implementation of cloud like infrastructure as service (IAAS), platform as a service (PAAS), software as a service (SAAS). But SAAS which has dominated these days and will continue to be most popular form of cloud implementation with the domain of digital marketing.

Cloud computing in India is still a new concept so coming years will see more and more companies will use cloud for their benefits and marketing campaigns. Cloud is gaining popularity in the field of digital marketing as it allows a marketer to work when an idea strikes him/her ability of cloud give easy access anywhere and anytime, it quick adaptability to changing environment will take cloud to new heights day by day.

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