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February 15, 2019
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Improving Coverage – Large complexes with many different areas, that all require very close monitoring. Security personnel and guards cannot possibly be everywhere, CCTV security cameras establishes constant coverage of the entire facility.


Inmate Monitoring – CCTV surveillance helps guards to pinpoint suspicious inmate activities and helps to prevent possible incidents from getting out of control.


Visual Evidence – New HD digital surveillance footage can be archived for long periods of time. Digital video footage has proven to be a valuable resource when investigating prison incidents.


Maintaining Order – Campus can break out into large fights or gang wars in an instant. CCTV cameras help to monitor areas with large groups when they convene. Campus yards, recreational areas, and dining rooms can be tightly monitored by surveillance from multiple CCTV security cameras.


Assault Reduction – Due to the nature of the College Campus are in the state of violence and fights are inevitable. CCTV cameras help to deter these events while also helping to analyze these incidents of criminal violence.


Visitor Prevention – CCTV surveillance systems play a key role in preventing visitors as well as inmates from attempting to enter into the facility.


Monitor Behavior – There are times when security guards can get out of line with inmates and these incidents are caught on camera. This video footage can be used to investigate these incidents and can prevent possible future misconduct.


Enhanced Searching – Digital CCTV surveillance offers digital video feeds to be stored and archived in digital video recorders with hard-drives instead of old school video cassette tapes. New enhancements in digital video allow for fast searching and easy backups of incidents.


Remote Monitoring – Video feeds can be monitored anywhere there is an internet connection. Authorized personnel can view multiple video camera feeds from a Mac, PC, Tablet, or Smartphone, rather than having to be in one room monitoring all the cameras at once.

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