February 15, 2019
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Most people would ask why Cloud computing for small business yes it is the perfect choice for them. These small enterprises and start-ups do not have much budget so they cannot spare much money on hardware, software,infrastructure and storage. So the best option is taking help of cloud computing for getting their data and information safe.It also gives them convenience to access the information stored anywhere, anytime even from your own mobile. Cloud technologies has been benefiting small business by providing them with technologies that few years back they could not even perceive to use. Now small business and fresh start-ups can also compete with medium and big concerns thanks to cloud.

Today fact is that many of the desktop applications are disappearing as most vendors are moving these applications to the cloud .these services have become more easy, costs less and suits most small concerns as it fits into their budget perfectly.

Cloud computing is normally of three types—

Software as a service (SAAS)— It provides users with varied types of software applications that normally require or no software to be installed on user’s computer. Company need not invest in any type of server technologies.

Platform as a service (PAAS)— Benefit of PAAS is it offers a cloud platform to develop,test, deliver and manage softwares though it provide ease from serverinfrastructure.But PAAS is not for the use of average end users.

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)—This is a type of service that makes it easy to rent an IT infrastructure without the need to buy costly hardware, operating systems and other infrastructure. Though IAAS platforms is good for small concerns as it offers them much benefits.

Benefits of cloud computing for small business- Question arises why should small business use cloud technologies answer is have a look at the advantages—

  1. Cloud computing reduces the need to purchase expensive software, hardwares, operating system, costly servers, infrastructure .with cloud technology Small concerns do not need to hire the expert IT staff to manage the expert staff to manage the setups in company.
  2. Another benefit of cloud is that it is now easily available, can be customized even providing a support in emergency when something goes wrong. Small concerns benefits from cloud services as it is suits their pocket and secondly they do not have much expertise.
  3. Convenient Scaling— Cloud computing services are highly scalable that clearly means as and when needed plus in as much amount of storage as well as bandwidth. Small companies can take right amount of services they need without going for too much.
  4. Cloud technology services are efficient on performance as they are too quick and updated that small companies cannot dream to afford.
  5. These services are highly trustworthy in taking data backup and its recovery in times of any type of problem. It becomes easy for company to recover the data as well as information in emergency.
  6. Easy access of these services anywhere, anytime, on any device make small business and start-ups to use it conveniently without giving a second thought.
  7. Cloud technology gives a security to small concerns that their data and crucial information is totally safe. They feel much secure so can devote their crucial time on business development that benefits them in long run.
  8. Cloud services are updated consistently so company do not have to spend time and expertise doing the same.

Cloud services and technologies are becoming a choice of most small business and start-up companies because it offers them safety and security of data storage that they cannot have on their own due to less budget as well as shortage of expert staff.

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