Cloud computing is an efficient method of providing IT services, where the data rather being saved on the hard disk or local storage is kept on  cloud based servers.This facility allows a user to assess the data which is saved in a remote database easily as long as the user has access to the web. Cloud computing is nothing but services or infrastructure available on a remote data center having high availability and redundancy. This service can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.. Companies who provide these services allow user to store any type of data as well as information in the remote servers and to use the data whenever required. It is estimated that by 2020 cloud computing industry will cross 191 billion dollars. Cloud computing is benefiting business companies to have access to their data from any device plus it helps user to check emails on any computer as well as to take back up of their files, photos and music in case hard drive crashes.


Storage server or file servers are purposefully formed servers, with an aim to store secure data and have data access through internet. The other advantage of cloud computing is the ease with which you can scale up or scale down your computing services, at the click of a button. So, at any point you are paying for the quantum of services you are using. There is no capex outflow.