February 14, 2019
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Cloud Computing offers data, resources of computer easily stored and available on demand without active management by users.Techanically speaking cloud word describes big data centres available on internet to the many users. Today very big clouds are available which have distributed functions in many locations but controlled through one centralised servers. Main aim of cloud computing is keeping data safe with economical cost and access it any time anywhere.

In past few years clod computing has gained popularity due to networks of good capacity, less cost of computer storage, automation, utility computing, virtulization of hardware and architect with service orientation. After one understands the main benefit of cloud one notices cloud can be of three types Public, Private and hybrid. Though the benefits of all three are same cost effective, good quality,very much reliable and scalability but method one chooses depends on individual needs of company.

What is Public Cloud?

Public cloud is the most popular cloud method where the servers and storage means resources are controlled by a cloud service provider that is normally a third party.These services are provided over the internet as all software and hardware with other supporting infrastructure is managed and controlled by service provider. In this type of cloud service provider company provides the same storage, hardware and other devices with number of organisations. Public cloud is normally used to offer web based emails, online office application, storage, testing and developing environment, it can be accessed with the help of web browser.

Main benefits of public cloud- Very much economical and less costs as company can pay the service needed they don’t need to purchase any software or hardware.

There is no need of maintaining it as services provider who owns it maintains it as well.

Data and other information can be accessed easily whenever it is needed.

It is highly trustworthy as there are dim chances of its failure.

Example—Microsoft azure, Amazon elastic compute clouds,IBM blue cloud, Google app engine are these popularly used.

What is Private cloud?

As the name indicates Private clouds has resources that are owned and controlled by specific business or company. It can be located physically in company/business premises and maintenance of services plus infrastructure is solely done by company. Private clouds are mainly for the company that controls the cloud as company can customize it to fulfil their requirements of Internet as well technology. These clouds are today used by many government agencies, financial companies and even small to medium companies that need total control over cloud services.

Advantages of Private cloud—

Private cloud is more customized as per the requirements of a business or an organisation.

These methods of cloud is very much secure as resources are not shared with any organisation.

Private clouds are totally efficient and very much scalable.

Examples of private cloud—Major player in private cloud are Hewlett Packard,VMware, Dell.EMC, oracleand IBM as well as Red hat.

All types Public, Private and hybrid has its own benefits but the method a company will use depends on the needs of each organisation which are specific to the company.

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