With the increasing crime rate in India, the internal problems in the campus increases fear and damage to persons and assets. It is important to keep control, stability and security inside and outside of the campus. Schools are where children, our future, spend most of their time, and hundreds of people gather in small spaces each day. Inmate violence, damage to the property, and misconduct in the campus, can be prevented with security, surveillance solutions and analytical software. The latest innovations in information technology and advancements in video surveillance technology coupled with robust Analytical software can enable to upgrade their systems in order to provide more comprehensive monitoring and a heightened level of safety for inmates and workers.


Need for Video Surveillance:

Terrorism and highly publicized domestic attacks have contributed to the increased awareness of security as a priority market. The need for video surveillance in and outside premises has increased. The integration of security and IT has created a host of new products and led to IP surveillance becoming the standard technology for most of the high alert areas.

The need has arisen due to following factors:

  • Law enforcement
  • Maintain Control, recognize and monitor threats
  • Investigate criminal activity
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Immediate response to unlawful activities
  • Identification and Tracking
  • Storage of captured video


As the population grows, there arises a need for security. The routine surveillance system mostly applies manual monitoring, which requires special working stuff. All over the world, the need for safe and secure correctional facilities is increasing. The modern campus is a self-contained society, a complex and enclosed environment with a number of security challenges that must be addressed.