February 19, 2019
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Cloud computing is certainly the smarter way and recent advancements in cloud technologies encourages many medium enterprises to choose it. MNCs were already using cloud technologies due to many benefits it provides.But today even small and medium, both types of enterprises use cloud services. The reasons are very obvious like central management from a single management dashboard, scalability of services in minutes instead of days, pay as you go payment system, better network throughput & performance at much cheaper rate and secured access to all services using GUI management dashboard or via rest API based on secured keys.

If cloud architecture is configured right, it provides companies simple to use and cost effective IT infrastructure that can smooth business processes and help you get more competitive.We are living in an era of tough competition where every company wants to forge ahead of competitors. Only way to move fast is to increase revenue resources which can be done by either earning more profits or saving some of your revenues.

But for most SMEs, it is time to move to a trusted and convenient option cloud computing. Let us discuss some of the compelling advantages as to why Medium enterprises should choose cloud:

  • Pay only for how much you consume: Earlier companies had to invest heavily in buying physical servers, firewalls even before knowing how they will be used. These investments include purchasing a big location for servers, purchasing physical servers & racks, setting up always online networks with physical firewalls. In cloud all these steps are just a dashboard login away.

In Cloud once you are logged in, afterwards you can decide & setup virtual infrastructure on pay as you go basis. Virtual Instances can be created / terminated based on the requirement. Multiple VPCs having multiple subnets can be setup under same account in minutes.


  • Massive Scaling Capabilities: The biggest challenge in IT is how to scale services to provide best user experience. Companies always have to get ready for massive traffic loads. Before cloud services one either needs to pre-determine the traffic or suffer seeing high loads on existing web servers.

Cloud instead provides you with Auto Scaling features where a cloud service is monitoring user traffic or load on servers and when it reaches that threshold, a server is automatically added behind cloud load balancers. To save costing, reverse process is also true that is as soon as the traffic goes below a threshold value, added servers are terminated automatically.


  • Go Live in hours instead of Days: Traditionally if you have a data-centre in Europe & want to serve traffic in Australia than chances are that latencies will be high which can hamper end user experience. To fulfil the same, you either need to create a data-centre in Australia or let end user suffer because of high latencies in making connections.


Thanks to services like CDN that is content delivery networks which cache your origin server’s data to nearest client browser locations to provide best user experience for your website serving both GET & POST requests.


Cloud providers also provide multi-AZ deployments for the application to reduce latencies as much possible.


Cloud gives you the power to try different CPU & RAM configurations. Cloud is not limited to one processor type only. You are just a click away to change the instance types as per your needs to increased speed of your application with scalable computing capabilities.

Cloud technologies provides you secured services that can help you to reduce cost of infrastructure which has a positive impact on your bottom line. To stay ahead in competition most companies have to turn to cloud computing for a bright future.


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